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Gomoku is a turn-based two-player game played on a 15x15 board with black and white pieces. The game is also called "Renju" or "Five in a row".

Gomuko Rules

The player with the black checkers always plays first and must place the first checker at the central intersection of the board. The player with white checkers follows by placing the checker at one of the eight intersections adjacent to the black one. Once placed, the checkers cannot be moved or removed from the board.

The goal is to align 5 checkers of the same color, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

The player who starts has a slight advantage over the opponent. Therefore is preferable to play an even number of games, alternating the first player.

Gomoku multiplayer

If you like competition, you can organize a private tournament with different modes such as Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Swiss, Round Robin, or casual. It's a great way to engage with teammates over virtual team-building sessions.

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History of the Gomoku game

The Gomoku game seems to be over 4000 years old, and its rules have been developed in China. There is evidence of the same rules of play in ancient Greece and pre-Columbian America. The game, called "Kakugo" (which means more or less "five steps" in Japanese), is described in work from 100 AD. It seems that every Japanese in the eighteenth century knew Gomoku's rules. The first volume of this game, still called Kakugo, appeared in 1858.