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Challenge your friends in an exciting and fun tournament session.
We support Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, Gomoku and Battleship.

Ideal for groups

Multiple tournament modes

Come along and customize an exciting tournament with your own creative idea!
We propose several tournament modes to fit your needs.
Our supported games are Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, Gomoku and Battleship.


  • Unlimited players

  • Easy-to-play without organisation

  • Eternal leaderboard

Casual mode allows an unlimited number of players to join a game room. If the number of online players is odd, some players will have to wait a bit until they are paired with the other players.

Online players are randomly matched, so one player may play with the same opponent many times. New players can still join a casual tournament while it is in progress.

The ranking is sorted by the player’s score. A win is 15 pts, a draw is from 2 to 4 pts (depending on the player’s game speed), and a loss is worth nothing.


  • Up to 512 players

  • For competitive & challenging games

  • Requires organisation

  • Players must show up on time

Single elimination refers to a match of 2 players competing directly where the winner advances to the next round, and the loser is immediately eliminated from the tournament. The tournament will last until the final round when there are only 2 players left, and the winner will be the champion. There is also a 3rd place game for the players defeated in the semi-final rounds.

This mode works best when the total number of players is a power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32,…). If not, random players will get a first round bye – a free ticket to the second round.


  • Up to 40 players

  • For competitive & challenging games

  • Requires organisation

  • Players must show up on time

Round Robin is an all-play-all tournament in which a player competes with all other players in turn. Players play each other once, and elimination will not occur when the tournament is in progress. Up to 40 players can join a Round Robin Tournament.

After all matches are done, players are ranked based on the number of match wins. In case two or more players are tied, the tie breaks are as follows:

1) Wins vs tied participants
2) Game/Set Wins
3) Points scored


  • Up to 512 players

  • For competitive & challenging games

  • Requires organisation

  • Players must show up on time

A Swiss is a non-eliminating tournament for a large number of players with fewer rounds than a Round Robin tournament. Players will only meet opponents with a similar score, but not the same opponent more than once.

The number of rounds for a Swiss tournament is the binary logarithm of the total number of players: 3 rounds for 8 players, 4 rounds for 16 players and so on. If the total number of players is not power of two, some players will randomly get a bye.

After the last round, players are ranked by their score. A win is 1 pts, a draw is 0.5 pts and a loss is 0. A bye is worth a win. The champion is the player with highest overall score. The tie breaks are the same as Round Robin tournament in case two or more players are in tied.

Let’s get started

Below you will find a guide on how to create a tournament, we estimate this step to 2 minutes.

Step 1

Customize your tournament

  • Input your Tournament name.
  • Describe the rules, prizes and and necessary information for your players.
  • Choose the most suitable tournament mode that works for your idea.
  • Decide the number of games in one match.
  • Set the time limit for each player in a game.
  • Choose the penalty point (if any).

Step 2

Invite players

  • Copy the URL and put it on your invitations or use the sharing services.
  • Provide the tournament description (date and time, rules, prizes,…).
  • Players MUST click “Join tournament” to be part of the games. Joined players will be displayed on “Ranking/ Braquet” tab.
  • Everyone must show up on time for the best playing experience.
  • DO NOT click “Start tournament” until all wanted players have already joined.

Step 3

Kickoff the tournament

  • When all players are ready, click “Start tournament” to begin the games.
  • Once clicked, no players can join any more and games will start immediately (except for Casual mode).
  • The system will match players according to the “Ranking/Braquet” tab. You can check the order of the matches and the game results there as well.


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