Can I play without Ads?2020-08-29T19:37:18+02:00

Yes, you can subscribe to one of our paid plans that will remove the Ads for you and the people you play with.

Read more about subscriptions.

How can I cancel my subscription?2021-01-09T15:16:36+02:00

Login to papergames.io with your account and go to your profile’s settings (1. click on the top left menu and then at the bottom of the left side bar). Then click on Manage subscriptions, a new window will open. Click on your name (right upper coin of the window, see screenshot) and click on Manage Subscriptions. You’ll be able to cancel the subscription. The subscription stays valid until the end of the period.

Will the games stay free?2019-10-03T11:14:57+02:00

Yes! We believe that your financial situation shouldn’t impact your enjoyment of playing io games, and such will always keep the games free. Thanks to the Ads, we are able to cover the monthly server costs!

Supporting us on by making a donation however allows us to increase development speed and bring you new great features!

How can I privately play online with a friend?2019-10-03T14:20:06+02:00

When you hit the “Play with a friend” button, it automatically creates a private room that’s only accessible through a unique link that you can share with a friend. This live game can be watched by anywone as well as the replay.

How can I change my nickname?2020-08-02T21:56:46+02:00

Go to your profile’s settings an click on “My profile”.

I have spotted a cheater, what can I do?2019-10-03T14:20:46+02:00

We hate cheaters! The most common cause of cheating is when a player wants to climb fast in the tournament’s ranking.

If you’re suspicious about a player’s activity you can contact us and send us the game’s replay (copy-paste the URL link on the top bar of your browser) along with a comment. We’ll review the e-mail and get back to you with the action taken. If we decide to ban the player, he will no longer appear on the rankings (tournament and RANKA) without any warning.

How can I level up?2020-06-18T11:41:56+02:00

There’s no mystery around this question, you simply have to play and play to earn XP and level up! When you win, you earn more XP than when you draw or lose. The XP is represented in your profile and when you are playing a game with a purple diamond-like icon.

The maximum level is 1000 and you have to play a while before reaching it ;-) Below there are the XP details per game.


  • Win: +5 XP
  • Draw: +2 XP
  • Defeat: +1 XP

Connect 4:

  • Win: +5 XP
  • Draw: +3 XP
  • Defeat: +2.5 XP


  • Win: +5 XP
  • Draw: +3 XP
  • Defeat: +2.5 XP


  • Win: +5 XP
  • Draw: +3 XP
  • Defeat: +2.5 XP