Integrate our games with your system

Your brand, your logo, your colors.

The trend is clear. Businesses and brands are increasingly going digital. Engagement matters to top management, but how do you get more of it? We propose 4 classic games with a great tournament system that can be easily embeded in your platform, while keeping your brand.

Our games

Connect 4

Connect 4







Customize our platform to your needs

We believe that businesses and organizations should keep their identity and branding in all circumstances. That’s why we’ve build a customizable platform that will perfectly match your colors and logo.

Keep your branding

  • Top bar logo customization

  • Tournament logo customization

  • Color customization

  • Add your custom CSS

If you need further customization, just contact us and let us know what your needs are. Our philosophy is to provide the best possible integration for our customers.

Create tournaments

  • Mutliple tournament modes

  • Match-making

  • Leaderboards & rankings

  • Live games & replays

  • One-to-one chat

Come along and customize an exciting tournament with your own creative idea!
We propose several tournament modes (direct elimination, round-robin, casual, Swiss mode) to fit your needs.
Learn more.

Engage your audience

Whether it’s for educational institutions, the media industry, telecommunications, toy companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants or taxis, we have the perfect gaming platform that will engage, delight and retain your customers.

Integrate with ease

The integration is very easy and can be done with an iframe in one line of code. The tournaments that you create, will be linked to your branding and will automatically inherit of your branding colors and colors.

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Let us know what are your business needs and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.