Games as a Service

Empower your application with real-time online game sessions.


For developers looking to explore our service without commitment.

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150 requests / month, hard limit
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  • Player vs player
  • Player vs random
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  • Restricted to Tic-Tac-Toe


For businesses looking to add multiplayer games to their platform.

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20k requests / month, then $0.03 each
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  • Premium support (Discord)
Ice breaker
Two player games provide a unique way to break the ice and engage users in a fun and interactive way.
Increase engagement
Games are a proven way to increase user engagement and retention, keeping users coming back for more.
Quick integration
Our service is easy to integrate into your platform, allowing you to add multiplayer games with minimal effort.

Diverse industry applications


Educative platforms

Educative platforms wanting to enhance the interactivity of one-to-one sessions with students.


Health and wellness apps

Include games as part of mental health or wellness apps, offering a fun way for users to unwind, relax, or engage in brain-training activities.


Corporate intranets

Enhance employee engagement and team building by including games in corporate intranet systems, allowing colleagues to challenge each other and foster a sense of camaraderie.


Travel and hospitality apps

Provide games within travel apps or in-flight entertainment systems, offering passengers a fun way to pass the time during journeys or waits.


Chat applications

Integrate games into popular messaging platforms, allowing users to challenge friends directly within chat conversations. Ideal for apps looking to increase user engagement and time spent on the platform.


E-learning platforms

Incorporate games into e-learning platforms to make learning more interactive and engaging, providing students with a fun way to test their knowledge and skills.


Social networks

Add games to social networks to increase user engagement and retention, providing users with a fun and interactive way to connect with friends and family.


Dating apps

Incorporate games into dating apps to give users a unique and interactive way to connect and break the ice with potential matches, adding a fun, competitive edge to the dating experience.

Easy integration

Quickly match up two players from your community

Integration flow
  1. Contact our API to initiate a PvP game session.
  2. Send the iframe URL to your player with socket notifications.
  3. Display the iframe on each player's browser.
  4. The players are matched together and can play.

Awesome developer tools ❤️

Request logs

Explore the HTTP requests made by your server and spot out potential issue with your integration.

HTTP requests logs
Webhook management

Webhook management

Easily create new endpoints with your server's URL to track important events triggered by your users and explore their logs.

API Key Management

Create as many API keys a you want to serve the needs of your dev, preprod and prod environments.

API Key management

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Absolut. Alle Transaktionen werden mit Stripe abgewickelt, das auf Online-Zahlungen spezialisiert ist. Mehr erfahren

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Das Abonnement wird automatisch verlängert. Es wird dir jeden Monat in Rechnung gestellt, bis du es deaktivierst. Wenn du dies tust, wird dein Konto bis zum Ende des aktuellen Prepaid-Zeitraums hochgestuft.

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Can I have multiple dev environments?

Yes, you can have multiple dev environments by creating multiple API keys, each API key independent from others.

Can we upgrade from the Free plan to the Pro plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from the Free plan to the Pro plan at any time. All your API keys and configuration are kept.

Can I upgrade from the Free plan to the Pro plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from the Free plan to the Pro plan at any time. All your API keys and configuration are kept.

Can you help me integrate the service into my game?

You'll be responsible for the integration with our APIs, but we'll be happy to help you with any questions and hop on a call to answer them.