We’ve been working really hard on the NEXT BIG FEATURE of papergames.io. The private tournament mode. Anyone with a registered account can create a private tournament and invite a bunch of friends to play with. Guess what, it’s totally free and unlimited players can join!

It will be released before Xmas 2019. We’ll make an official announcement when we’re ready.

Key features

  • Customization: You can add a catchy title and describe your tournament, for example, the winning prizes, the rules to follow, etc… It’s up to you how do you wish to handle the winners.
  • Ranking: Each tournament has a ranking that is sorted by the player’s score. A win gives 15 points, a draw 2 to 4 points (depending on the player’s game speed), a lose gives nothing. If a player “rage quits” a running game, there are -15 penalty points.
  • Unlimited participants: Yes, you can create a tournament with 3 or 1000 players if you wish. It’s 100% free.
  • Statistics: Wins, losses, and draws are tracked and displayed on the ranking.
  • Live games: The games can be watched live by other players. Simply share the URL of the lobby room with anyone.
  • Replays: The games can be replayed if you wish to perform an analysis or an educational video on it.
  • Matchmaking: The players automatically connect with other connected users within the same tournament. You just need to click on the “Find opponent” button.
  • Embed: You can easily embed the tournament in your website if you wish to customize the look and feel.

Private tournament use cases

  • You’re a student and you want to create a BIG tournament with all your school mates. Imagine a competition of Battleships with the whole university! Isn’t that cool stuff?
  • You love your workmates and want to create an in house competition of Connect 4. The worst 5 players will make coffee to the winners for a whole week! What would your boss say to that?
  • You’re following an e-learning course and all your mates are bored. Create a casual day-to-day tournament and see who’s the best among you at the end of course ;-)

Tournament preview

When you create your tournament, a new web page is hosted on papergames.io with it’s own URL that can be shared with anyone. Here’s a preview of it: