For each io game, there’s  a daily tournament that lasts 24 hours. Players start with 1000 points and must win games to earn points to climb the ranking.  The players with bad behaviour who rage-quit a game in process are penalized (-15 points), and in case of cheating their accounts can be disabled from without notice.

When you play a game, you automatically become part of the tournament of the day. At the end of the tournament you will be notified of points and coins won.


RANKA is a general ladder which gathers the best players of the last 30 days having cumulated a maximum of points during a daily tournaments. That is, if you want to be well ranked, you have to play every day!

You will start loosing the points that you’ve earned after 31 days. This systems is a snapshot of the best players during the past 30 days.

How to earn RANKA points?

At the end of each tournament, players are rewarded with points. The better you are ranked in the tournament, the more RANKA points you will earn. You will get the number of points exceeding 1000. For example if you finish the tournament with 1350 points, you will get 350 RANKA points. If you finish the tournament with 950 points, you will not get RANKA points.

Awards and trophies

At the end of each tournament, the players who participated are rewarded with game pieces. Here is the price list:

  • 1st: +1000
  • 2nd: +700
  • 3rd: +500
  • 4th: +400
  • 5th: +490
  • 6th: +480
  • 7th: +470
  • … (minus 10 for each position)
  • Nth: +100, minimum reward